Girl looking down to the floor with flowers in her hair - alternative wedding photographer liverpool

Let me get real honest with you here// Your probably feeling a little nervous about being photographed, you may be worried about feeling uncomfortable and awkward and being a model is hard work! But I want you to stop worrying, Ive been in your shoes, and within about the first few seconds all your worries will be gone// I wont be doing the cheesy stand and smile shots, ill be shooting you to interacting with one another, your connection and chemistry// I take a really laid back approach// Im all about the story, capturing everything from the cup of coffee you drink in the morning, the details of the leaves outside, the corner piece of lace on your dress, the dew on the window to the laughs, anxiety and tears you all experience through what will be an epic day// And maybe we will get some cool and edgy shots along the way!

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