“She had a wild, wandering soul 
but when she loved, she loved with chaos and that made all the difference.” 
― Ariana Dancu


I want to go on a crazy adventure with you// I want magic// I want captivating// I want intimacy, honesty and authenticity// That real love stuff// A connection so pure its unbreakable// I want you to not be afraid// I want you to rock your day// I love to capture every real, genuine & raw emotion you possess// For you to love madly, laugh widely and live fearlessly in each moment we are together// I want the couple in love and not afraid to show it// The couple that Laugh together, cry together and dance together// I want you to tease one another, to flirt and have the most epic time together// I totally love love love style savvy babes, indie vibes, beards, tattoo’s, kick ass parties, intimate affairs, urban locations, beautiful landscapes, colourful confetti & epic elopements// I want you guys to own who you are and make your day all about you// Be wild and be free// Love is pretty EPIC stuff and I want to harness that to tell your story// Im seriously obsessed with humanist ceromies, huge family affairs, barefoot brides, boho dresses, warehouse bashes to unreal back drops// I want to create some awesome imagary as we journey together// Im so ready for you guys to own who you are, a wedding that screams this is you and blow my frigging mind!

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